Thursday, February 13, 2014

My AIP - Glowing - In Progress

Good Day,

Work continues on our new afghan Glowing.

Glowing is inspired by the pattern and design of the crocheted afghan, True Elegance Throw. I discovered this design in the 2004 Leisure Arts publication Crochet 48-Hour Afghans by Rita Weiss. This publication was created for Leisure Arts by The Creative Partners(TM). I am not sure who the actual creator of the True Elegance Throw design is as there is no explicit credit given. I would presume it is Rita Weiss.

The color of the completed and published sample afghan is fuschia. 

Our Glowing is a composition of deep cream/light beige and two shades of blue.  The yarn I am using is Caron, and the three colors dye lots are Azure, Cape Cod Blue, and Lace.

The crochet stitches I am using are: Chain, Single Crochet, Slip Stitch, and Double Crochet.  These  in turn are used to create V-Stitch and Fans.

Our Glowing will consist of three panels. A main body top and two side panels. Check Afghans SB regularly for updates and our progress.

If you have any comments, questions, thoughts, and ideas, please contact Afghans SB.


Jim and Andy