Thursday, December 26, 2013

A3 – Vanderbilt – Afghan

Good Day,

Christmas Day and our Vanderbilt afghan has been completed and delivered to its new home.

Vanderbilt’s dimensions are: Width 57 ½” (146 cms) and Length 58” (147.3 cms). I don't know what happen to the missing ½”.

It is an original design that began as an experiment in continuing to learn some new crochet stitches. Vanderbilt is a construction of 100% acrylic yarn, medium weight by Caron. The four colors are Azure, Sage, Off White, and Lace.

From the images, one could say that this may have been an attempt to match the colors of a bright sunny day by the pool in Florida.

The composition of this afghan was created by constructing three plus two bands of crocheted fabric. Each band was edged and then they were joined together.

Here are some additional images.

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Jim and Andy

Friday, September 20, 2013

A2 - Sea Foam - Afghan

Good Day,

The first stage of completion of our new afghan, Sea Foam is now complete.

Slowly I'm beginning to re-learn some of the basic crochet stitches. There are five stitches used in the construction of Sea Foam are Chain, Slip, Single Crochet, Double Crochet and Clusters.

The dimensions of Sea Foam are Length: 70" (177.8 cms) by Width: 52" (132.1 cms).

Our new afghan, Sea Foam, is based on and inspired by the design Clusters and Stripes by Kelly Robinson.

Sea Foam is constructed with an H/8 - 5.0 mm crochet hook. The yarns are of the Caron line and are Ocean and Off-White.

And here are some more images.

And now next to the blocking.

Sea Foam is machine washable and dryable. I don’t quite understand the icons on the Caron yarn wrapper, but I would expect that one should use a very gentle cycle on both the washer and the dryer.

Stay tuned for the next afghan, currently in progress.


Jim and Andy.

Monday, September 9, 2013

My AIP - Sea Foam - Inner Top Completed

Good Day,

Well, the inner top of our new crocheted afghan, Sea Foam has been completed.

It did take much more time than I expected to weave and secure the yarn ends back into the actual top.

The inner top of Sea Foam is now a finished 60 inches (152.4 cms) long and 48 inches (121.9 cms) wide. I have decided on a simple but complimentary 6-inch (15.2 cms) border. This should result in a near final constructed afghan with the dimensions of Length: 72" (182.9 cms) and Width: 60" (152.4 cms).

Here are some more images of the inner top of Sea Foam.

And Bella definitely wants to be a part of the picture set.

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Jim and Andy

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

My AIP – Sea Foam – Continued Progress and 15 More Inches

Good Day,

I have decided to change the size of our Sea Foam afghan. I am now targeting an inner top with the dimensions of 66” long and 48” wide.

At this time of our progress, it is now 51” long and 48” wide. I still have 15” to go… and I didn't realize how long this would take. All-things-being-equal I have another seven cluster crocheted rows to complete.

And of course I haven’t revealed my specifications for the borders of Sea Foam yet. You’ll just have to wait. It is possible that my final target will be an afghan which may fall near to the category of Double Bed / Large Adult Afghan. My aim is to create an afghan with the surface area of 4,680 square inches. Maybe…

More images -

Stay tuned for updates and progress.


Jim and Andy

Monday, July 22, 2013

My AIP - Sea Foam - Progress Update

Good Day,

And the progress continues on our Sea Foam afghan.

It is getting longer... slowly.

The following images are taken under different lighting to provide a considerable difference in the sensitivity of the two colors.  I have also included images of the front and the back of Sea Foam.

Follow the continued progress of our learning experience with our Sea Foam. If you have any questions, thoughts, comments, and ideas please feel free to contact us at Afghans SB.


Jim and Andy

Monday, July 1, 2013

My AIP - Sea Foam – Afghan In Progress

Good Day,

Crochet, as opposed to quilting, is definitely a different art form. I’m still trying to understand what the differences are, differences to me… First of all I would say that crocheting may be a constructive art form. Quilting on the other hand is a deconstructive-constructive art form. Now I’m not looking to get into a discussion of linguistics, I am just expressing my own perceptions.

Seven cluster rows have been added to our new Sea Foam, and the current width is 15”.

Here are more current images of Sea Foam.

To read about our progress of our Sea Foam make sure you check the past postings at Afghans SB. If you have any questions, thoughts, and comments please feel free to contact us at Afghans SB.


Jim and Andy